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Soil Constructor

The complex humate of the new generation "SoilConstructor", made using a special technology from peat, is a highly concentrated humic preparation of prolonged action. It acts on the plant during the entire period of growth and development – from seed germination to harvest.

Production of Texchemresources company

  • increases the yield of various crops from 10-30% (cereals, cotton) to 40-50% or more (vegetables, melons);
  • reduces the consumption rates of agrochemicals, including ammonium nitrate by 30-50%, phosphorus fertilizers by 20-40%, pesticides by 15-20%, simultaneously relieves stress from their effects;
  • increases plant resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases;
  • increases the resistance of plants to adverse environmental conditions (drought, excessive moisture, frost, etc.);
  • activates the development of the root system of plants and their respiration;
  • improves the quality of products: increases the content of vitamins, sugars, proteins in it;
  • reduces the content of nitrates, radionuclides and residual chemicals in products;
  • improves the survival rate of seedlings, seedlings and seedlings during transplantation;
  • accelerates the ripening of the crop for 10-12 days;
  • increases the water-holding capacity of soils by 20-30%;
  • increases soil fertility by renewing and activating the complex of soil microorganisms;
  • binds residues of pesticides, heavy metals and other toxicants in soils, which prevents their entry into plants, groundwater and the atmosphere.